Singel, Amsterdam

Singel, Amsterdam

Singel, Amsterdam  ∆ 23,250


The Singel was the original moat around Amsterdam until the late 16th Century and remains the inner-most canal in the city's semicircular ring of canals.


This early evening view, looking across the canal, includes a couple of typically Dutch houseboats and a row of iconic canalside houses.   The twilight and artificial light from the buildings make evocative reflections in the water.


Wishing to capture so many little details in the piece meant that over 250 hours was involved in its creation!


Available in these 4 Limited Editions:-


Edition of 75 -  30cm x 42cm  (framed 45x55cm)

Edition of 50 -  50cm x 70cm  (framed 65x85cm)

Edition of 10 -  70cm x 100cm  (framed 85x115cm)

Edition of 1 -  100cm x 150cm  


Each Limited Edition print is Signed, Numbered and Titled by the Artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


All Framed orders are solid wood, glazed and ready for hanging.

(All frame sizes are approximate depending on frame choice)