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Pineapple - Andy Walker Artist

Ananas Comosus

Ananas comosus  ∆ 747


Indigenous to South America, the pineapple arrived in Europe in the 17th Century, when it soon established itself as an icon of luxury.  It was soon regarded as a symbol of welcome and hospitality.


The striking, geometric appearance inspired me to embrace it as it lends itself to my style, enhancing its structure in triangles.


Available in these 4 Limited Editions:-


Edition of 75 -  30cm x 42cm 

Edition of 50 -  50cm x 70cm  

Edition of 10 -  70cm x 100cm  

Edition of 1 -  100cm x 150cm 


Each Limited Edition print is Signed, Numbered and Titled by the Artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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