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Lake Obersee, Bavaria, Germany - Andy Walker

Lake Obersee, Bavaria, Germany

Lake Obersee, Bavaria, Germany  ∆ 5,311


The Obersee in German means “Upper Lake”, and is located in the east of Bavaria, in the alpine area of the National Park Berchtesgaden close to the Austrian border. 


Formed in the Alps during the melting of glaciers centuries ago, surrounded by high walls of the mountains, the lake is only accessible across Lake Kongisee by electric boat and is literally 'hidden' from civilization.


This view was reached after an exhilarating hike through alpine woods.


Available in these 4 Limited Editions:-


Edition of 75 -  30cm x 42cm 

Edition of 50 -  50cm x 70cm  

Edition of 10 -  70cm x 100cm  

Edition of 1 -  100cm x 150cm 


Each Limited Edition print is Signed, Numbered and Titled by the Artist and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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