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I became a professional artist in 2017 after exhibiting at the StartArt Exhibition in the Saatchi Gallery, London;  I regularly show my work widely in Art Fairs and exhibitions throughout the UK and Europe.


My style evokes vibrant landscapes that appear photorealistic from afar and closer inspection engages the viewer in a wild abstraction of razor-sharp, vivid colour.


My portfolio of landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and botanical studies is drawn from my travels throughout the UK and Europe where  I seek out inspiring vistas, whether Amsterdam or the Italian Cinque Terre to natural vistas.


My artworks are included in private collections worldwide.



After comprehensive photostudies, I work to emphasise an immediacy and depth to each scene.   This follows close attention to natural angles in the landscape and scrutiny of the textures and colours.


I then create intricate mosaics, comprising thousands of individually hand-drawn triangles, to suggest a 3D effect.  Using a stylus, and an iPad as a virtual canvas, allows a limitless colour palette and facility for minute details.


Working closely with a Fine Art Laboratory, all my artwork is created using state of the art laser technology.  UltraHD metallic prints are sandwiched between aluminium dibond and acrylic glass to intensify the radiance of the colours and highlight contrasts. 


Each artwork is calibrated as a “Golden Rectangle” (allied to the Fibonacci sequence) to enhance the viewer’s experience.  I currently exhibit these in two editions, namely '44.5cm x 72 cm' and '55cm x 89cm', but they can be made bespoke up to to a maximum dimension of '144cm x 233cm'.   (Please enquire for a quote.)


My portfolio is also available as Fine Art giclée prints, in strictly limited editions, using archival-quality Hahnemühle photo-rag papers, and non-fade, natural pigments.  They are compatible with widely-available frame sizes, including '50cm x 70cm' and '70cm x 100cm'.

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