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Now on Flickr

Recent Lockdown has given us all time to do those tasks that we've never quite got round to doing, so I used the opportunity to make a profile on the Photosharing app, Flickr.

It shows my entire artist's journey from the very beginning when I was concentrating on decorative, triangular designs to be used on products through to my realisation that I was happier and more fulfilled creating works of art.

My story begins back in the Autumn of 2016 when I attended my first ever event, selling just 6 designs of Christmas Cards and 1 design of Gift Wrap, at the enormous NEC in Birmingham. It was daunting and crazy, but I learnt so much in such a short time.

The story continues to the present day and includes photographs that I have not shown before, including behind the scenes, in my studio, on photoshoots, at Art Fairs and Exhibitions and the Artworks themselves.

I hope you may enjoy sharing some of my magic, and not so magic, moments!

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